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Hello. I'm Greg Davis

On this site, I blog about what I find interesting, both in business and in the world. And I share my journey story, but in life and in my recent commitment to lose weight. I may not inspire you. But I believe we all need to strive each day to be a little bit better version of ourselves…To overcome our own obstacles whatever they may be. And to change the way we think to one of deliberate action, making our own choice in EVERY aspect of our lives and abandoning the choices, attitudes and hang-ups that others wish to place upon us. (...)

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I'm most useful and happiest when I am active and am challenged!
Greg Davis

He’s all integrity and grit. He’s best known for revolutionizing the construction industry with software that automated BIM manufacturing processes, saving the industry countless hours of labor, and for growing top sales organizations on six continents. A five-time Inc. 5000 member and best-selling author, and host of the business podcast Challenge Assumptions.

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As if this wasn't enough.

Entertaining Sales and Business Radio…Where we take our ideas and content seriously, but not ourselves.


He’s not a shark – he’s a dolphin. Greg works with businesses to grow their sales, increase their sell-able value and expand their impact.

Featured Speaker

Let Greg liven up your event with his experiences and humor, including above amateur comedy (just barely).


One book already published as a best seller. Two more in the works.


Greg is committed to fitness for all people and has started a movement, the 5260 steps movement, to help companies build healthier employees. And as a former basketball coach, Greg love to blog about sports on occasion too.