Greg’s Weight loss Journey Takes Totality!

Now that he’s lost 99.8 pounds, Greg is feeling great and in search of excitement, so he heads to Oregon to witness the first eclipse to cross the continental US in 93 years. With a heart monitor attached, and a sack of ideal protein meals in tow, Greg heads northwest for a life changing event!

Weight Loss Update

Greg’s weight loss journey continues in Los Angeles, where he takes in the political craziness at Politicon, and attends an Aminé concert celebrating the release of his new album “Good For You”. Will Greg take his clothes off like Aminé did for his “Good For You” album cover? Watch and find out.

The Weight Loss Journey Begins

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Welcome to my site

Hello. Welcome my site. I’m Greg Davis. On this site, I blog about what I find interesting, both in business and in the world. And I share my journey story, but in life and in my recent commitment to lose weight. I may not inspire you. You may feel superior if you feel you are[…]