Welcome to my site


Welcome my site. I’m Greg Davis.

On this site, I blog about what I find interesting, both in business and in the world. And I share my journey story, but in life and in my recent commitment to lose weight. I may not inspire you. You may feel superior if you feel you are younger or in better shape and are apt to judge prematurely. But I believe we all need to strive each day to be a little bit better version of ourselves…To overcome our own obstacles whatever they may be. And to change the way we think to one of deliberate action, making our own choice in EVERY aspect of our lives and abandoning the choices, attitudes and hang-ups that others which to place upon us.

If I can inspire that way of thinking about yourself in just a few of you, then I will have succeeded. If I can inspire a few of you to take a walk or get in a workout that you wouldn’t have, to make a single better health and food choice, to do something for others, then it will have been my pleasure.

You can find out more about my work by checking out my podcast (www.ChallengeAssumptions.com) and my company website (www.DolphinConsulting.org).

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